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Registration Number : KNR/CA/95/2013

Membership Rules & Previlages [IADVL]

It was resolved in the Annual General Body meeting at Chandigarh (2008) and Bangalore (2009) not to enroll any non-dermatologists, without any degree or diploma in the subject of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology as member of IADVL. Membership will be given strictly on basisi of the criteria decided in the AGBMs and published in the IADVL News (April 2008 and April 2009)

Life Members(LM):

Only Medical Practitioners with qualification in Modern Medicine under the Indian Medical Degrees act, 1916 Clause 2 Act VII and register able with any of the State Medical Councils of India and possessing a Post-Graduate qualification (Degree or Diploma) in Dermatology, Venereology and / or Leprology or DNB in Dermato-Venereology will be eligible and can become life member by paying a lump sum as mentioned hereinafter; at one time, and will enjoy all the privileges of an member.

Provisional Life Members (PLM):

post graduate students undergoing training in MCI recognized medical colleges/postgraduate courses of this specialty or those pursuing DNB in Dermato-Venereology/DVL  are eligible for this category. All the PLMs need to submit their degree/diploma certificate to Hon Gen Secretary’s office within 5 years of becoming PLM to become Life members.

Associate Life Members (ALM):

This membership is for  medical specialists belonging to other specialties (Pathologists, Genetic Scientists, microbiologists etc). who are working in the field of Dermatology. AMs have no voting rights and are not eligible for any executive post in IADVL.

International Life Member (ILM):

This category is for  Dermatologists and Leprologists   working  and residing outside India (NRI & other country citizens). IMs have no voting rights and are not eligible for any executive post in IADVL.

Honorary membership: Conferred at the discretion of national IADVL. for significant contribution  to IADVL. and world Dermatology.

Class of membership Central fund contribution (CFC) Plus (Service Tax) Rs. Branch contribution (BC) Rs. Journal contribution (JC) Rs. Total + S.T Tax Rs.
Life members 4000 1500 1500 7000 one time
Provisional life members 4000 1500 1500 7000 one time
Associate Life  members 4000 1500 1500 7000 one time
Honorary members Shall not be required to pay annual subscription
Retired members Shall not be required to pay annual subscription
International Life Members US $ 700 Life membership

The rate of subscription shall automatically increase at the rate of twenty per cent every two years for a period of ten years, after which the format for increase in membership fees is to be reconsidered again. The secretary / treasurer shall inform the Branches well in advance about the increased rate.All membership fee shall be nonrefundable and nontransferable.

One must join a State Branch of IADVL when one exists or a neighbouring State Branch. If none of these exist, one can become a Direct (Central) Member.

Along with completed application form attach

Mode of payment : A/c Payee DD in the name of ‘IADVL – Name of the Branch’. Confirm the details with your branch secretary

Life members (LMs)  are entitled to  all the privileges of  IADVL membership. PLM, AM and IM have some restrictions on privileges.

All classes of members shall have the right to attend and participate in all general and clinical meetings, conferences, lectures, etc. organized by the National Body or Branches of IADVL.

All members residing in India  are entitled to receive the official journal of the association, the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology (IJDVL), an indexed  peer reviewed journal.

All members residing in India are entitled to receive mailers/announcements/brochures for National Conferences organized by IADVL. They are also entitled to receive IADVL NEWS, the official bulletin of IADVL.

All IADVL members are automatically members of ILDS (International League of Dermatology Societies)  and SARAD (South Asian Regional Association of Dermatologists) as well.

All life members are eligible for election as office Bearers (only if they meet the requirements) or as members of the Central Council and they shall be entitled to vote in the election of office bearers at the state or national level.

IADVL LMs and PLMs are eligible for fellowships, scholarships, awards & medals offered by or through IADVL..

Members are entitled to constitute State Branches (not more than one in a state) or combined branches of adjoining states to encourage fellowship and exchange of views and ideas  and for better attainment of the objects of the Association.

The members are entitled to hold and participate  in conferences organized by any state branch under the banner of IADVL. Post-graduate students who are Provisional Life Members of the association will be offered concessional registration fees at the annual national conference DERMACON , at state  conferences (CUTICON) and zonal conferences (DERMAZONE).

Postgraduate students who can enroll as PLMs, can become LMs after passing their degree / diploma in the  specialty by submitting their certificate of passing.

Adapted from www.iadvl.org[ Accesed on 3rdJune 2015]


NAME: The name shall be Kerala state branch of IADVL. REGISTERED OFFICE:The office will be the State Secretary’s office.


  • To promote and advance dermatology, venereology, leprology, dermato-surgery, and allied subjects
  • To conduct continuing medical education, seminars, and workshops
  • To promote professional fellowship, make a platform for exchanging views among members, and to uphold their interest
  • To educate the public, and to improve their health, related to the specialty, and to take steps necessary to achieve these objectives
  • To publish and circulate a journal by name Kerala Journal of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology
  • To publish and circulate a newsletter which may contain meeting notices, agenda, minutes of last meeting, resolutions, announcements, and activities of the Association and its branches
  • To hold, cooperate with and participate in periodic South Zone Conference.
  • To organize local, district or city branches who would be financially autonomous.
  • To hold a mid-year and an annual state conference (CUTICON) in different parts of the state on invitation by various local branches.
  • To maintain the website presently called www.iadvlkerala.org

MEMBERSHIP [Member of IADVL by default is a member of the state branch and separate membership is not mandatory and not possible]

  • The Association will consist of those members whose names are now in the register of members, and those subsequent members who will be duly accepted.
  • The eligibility criteria for becoming a Life Member of the Association shall be a post-graduate qualification in the specialty (diploma / degree/ DNB)from a medical college affiliated to and awarded by an Indian University, or National Board, or an institution recognized by the Medical Council of India.
  • Those with foreign degrees or diplomas should have a qualification recognized by Medical Council of India.

Register of Members

  • The State Secretary shall maintain a register of the members of the state branch with their updated addresses, e-mails and telephone numbers, and shall help update the Register of members of IADVL by intimating the Honorary General Secretary of any change of address in writing or by e-mail.
  • Any change in status of a member by resignation, termination or re-admission shall be as per the Constitution.
  • It is mandatory to regularly update the state branch members’ list and send the updated version (separately showing the corrections made) to the Honorary General Secretary every March. The reports should also include the activities of the state, city and all sub-branches and also problems, if any, faced by the branches.


  • A minimum of seven members of IADVL from any district, town or zone may form a local branch after approval of the State Council. The local branch should have an Executive Committee of President, one Vice-President and one Secretary, one Treasurer and State Executive Committee at the rate of one member for one local branch. The local branch may chart out their own Rules and Bye-laws in consonance with the State and National Constitution.
  • The local branches shall be autonomous both in their scientific and organizational activity as well as their financial liability, but shall, however, function within the gamut of state branch and national IADVL. They should be affiliated to Kerala State branch of IADVL.
  • The local branches may host state conference of IADVL and organize state scientific meetings. Any money saved from such a meet shall be equally shared by the local branch and the state branch.
  • The local branch may also create a fund of its own, by different sources like entrance fee, annual fee, contributions from members, public and trade, etc.

Management of State Branch

All the executive and financial power shall lie with the Executive Committee or according to the Constitution:

  • President
  • President Elect
  • Immediate Past President
  • Vice-President
  • State Secretary
  • State Treasurer
  • Joint Secretaries (one/two)
  • State Council (local executive committee) members, at the rate of one member for every 100 members or part thereof (from different local branches as well as from direct members)
  • All members of the Central Council from the state branch
  • All past national Presidents, Honorary General Secretaries and Treasurers who are members of that state branch
  • Editor of the state journal/publication, if any
  • Central scientific committee
  • Web coordinator
  • Members invited by the President for the particular meeting

Function of The State Council

  • The Council shall function and have powers at the State level similar to those delineated for the Central Council of National IADVL.

Fund of State Branch

  • The State branch shall be entitled to collect funds from different sources and keep it in savings bank / fixed deposit account in recognized banks.
  • It can also have a reserve fund which is about 25% of the surplus.
  • The cheques and bank instruments / instructions must be signed by two of the following three persons: President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • It can have its own PAN number, and income tax payments if any needed.

Central Fund Collection

  • The central subscription is to be collected as per the rates fixed by the Central Council directly by the State Secretary; the money meant for the central fund contribution and journal fund contribution should be sent to the Honorary General Secretary and the branch’s share should be kept for the state branch. The state branch may also collect a “state levy” form its members for its general expenditure through a resolution of the State Council.
  • All the movable and immovable assets or any outline money of the state branch belongs to the IADVL; no member of group of members should have the rights to retain, sell, transfer and in any way alter the status of such assets, without a clear resolution circulated to all the members well in advance and approved by the State Council with three-fourths majority, and such a resolution of State Council has to be ratified by the IADVL Central Council to become effective.

Association Year and Financial Year

  • State branches and local branches should have 1st April to 31st March as the association or financial year so that they can hold their Annual State Conference (CUTICON) between May and June, and be ready with all their reports to be presented to the respected CUTICON.

Office Bearers of a State Branch

  • The President
  • The President Elect
  • One Vice-President
  • State Secretary
  • State Treasurer
  • One/Two Joint Secretaries

Duties, Powers and Tenure of Office Bearers

  • To control and administer the state branch, the duties and powers of the state office bearers shall remain similar to those in National IADVL.
  • The tenure of all the office bearers shall be for one Association year, except for the State Secretary and State Treasurer, for whom it shall be two Association years.
  • The State Secretary and State Treasurer, being the Returning Officer and Joint Returning Officer respectively for the election of the State Branch, shall not be eligible to contest for any post as long as they are in office.
  • The state branch shall formulate the conditions of eligibility of the office bearers in consonance with those for National IADVL.

Procedure of Election of Office Bearers

  • The state branch and local branches should hold the election every year and new office bearers are to be appointed at the CUTICON.
  • Electoral roll: All those members who are on State Register, and have paid all outstanding dues to the branch shall constitute the electoral roll.
  • Election officer: The State Council shall appoint an election officer for the ensuring session from among the past state Presidents to conduct and supervise the state election. The State Secretary and State Treasurer shall be the Returning Officer and Joint Returning Officer respectively to help the election officer.
  • The mode of election to be decided by State Council shall be either by (a) postal ballot/electronic ballot or (b) direct ballot election at the time of CUTICON. The Returning Officer shall invite nominations well in advance, scrutinize them, give an opportunity for the contestants to withdraw, and then put to election, which is to be conducted by the election officer.
  • All election disputes shall be decided by an Arbitration Committee consisting of three available state Immediate Past Presidents and its decision shall be binding on all the candidates.

Standing Committees

  • The State Council shall form various committees for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of IADVL in the state.

Scientific Committee

  • Kerala IADVL will have a central scientific committee. There will be three members. Editor of Kerala Journal of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology will be the chairman. Two other members are elected from the General Body. They will be in office for 3 years. The organizing committee of all state IADVL conferences will liaise with this body to decide on scientific deliberations. This body will select the Awards and Orations. The Scientific committee can co-opt more members for this duty, if they think needed.


  • State Council The Annual State Council meeting should be held at the time of CUTICON. The President may call an urgent State Council meeting at 7 days’ notice. Two-thirds of the members can call a Requisition State Council Meeting at 15 days’ notice to consider a specific circulated agenda. At the Annual State Council Meeting, the usual routine business shall be transacted on the pattern of the annual Central Council meeting.
  • General Body Meeting

The General body Meeting shall take place at the time of CUTICON to: (i) hold or announce the election result, (ii) confirm the proceedings of State Council, (iii) adopt an annual budget, iv) decide the venue of the next annual conference, the organizing chairman, the theme for CME, and the scientific chairman, (v) appoint the election officer, (vi) Discuss and adopt any proposal from the members which may not be more than two in number.

The quorum shall be one-sixteenth of the members on the register or 25.


The state branch shall organize an Annual State Conference; named CUTICON-KERALA Year, hosted by any local branch or on its own. “10th/18th or 20th State Conference of IADVL-KERALA” will be mentioned in the next line. CUTICON shall have a one or two day program in which organizational meetings (State Council and General Body Meeting), guest lectures, continuing medical education, scientific meetings, symposia, competition papers, and free papers, shall be organized. There will be an inaugural function, where the newly elected President and other office bearers shall be appointed. CUTICON shall be open to all registered IADVL members. The Organizing Committee shall in general follow the same pattern as in the case of DERMACON and should encourage their members to donate awards, medals and prizes to ensure large participation.


  • BK Hareendran Nair Award
  • It is a cash award and citation. It is given for the best original research paper by a young dermatologist, or a post-graduate student in Dermatology. The applicant should be a member of IADVL Kerala, and should not have completed 45 years age as on the last date of application. Papers that have been published in indexed journals within last 2 years can also be considered. Research done as part of thesis work for any course, submitted and approved within last 2 years is also eligible. The decision of the judging scientific committee will be final. If the committee is of the view that none of the papers received is of the required standard, the award for that year may be withheld.
  • IADVL Kerala State Oration

It is cash award (Rs 25,000=), a certificate and a plaque. It will be delivered in the Cuticon Kerala annual conference. Sponsor, if any, should keep a fixed deposit that generates the award amount every year. The awardee must be a member of IADVL Kerala. The awardee is selected by a judging scientific committee.

  • Transactory provisions- all important matters will be decided upon through resolutions
  • Amendments- to the rules and regulations and bylaws of the trust may be made by the committee which shall be ratified by the general body by majority and shall come into effect with the permission of the commissioner of income tax.
  • Dissolution- the assets of the trust shall vest with Indian Association of Dermatologist, Venereologists and Leprologists.