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Registration Number : KNR/CA/95/2013

Membership Rules & Privileges [IADVL]

  • 1. All members of national IADVL (Life Members and Provisional Life Members) applying through Kerala by default is a member of the state branch and separate membership is not mandatory and not possible.
  • 2. Members applying for transfer of membership to Kerala from other branch are also included but they can retain membership in only one branch.
  • 3. Cessation of central membership shall automatically be applicable to the IADVL Kerala and the concerned person shall be removed from the state membership register.
  • 4. Rights and Privileges of the members
    • a. All members shall have the right to attend and participate in general body and scientific meetings organized by the IADVL Kerala. All fees as determined to be paid for the scientific meetings and conferences are payable by all members.
    • b. All life members shall be eligible for election as office bearers according to the prescribed criteria and shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the IADVL Kerala.
    • c. All members of IADVL Kerala shall have access to the official state journal.
    • d. A member can change his/her membership to another branch by applying online to Honorary Secretary General through the state secretary without paying any fee.


To apply for Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists membership apply through https://iadvl.healthconnectdigital.com/